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Andulairah is a clairvoyant medium who performs psychic readings via Skype.

This is where Andulairah 'Taps The Field' and draws information from the  higher more expanded realms. This connection is unique for each individual, and whatever is most pertinent for that individual will reveal  itself in the  form a spirit guide or deceased loved ones, as well as many other entities that do not have planetary origin.

From an early age, Andulairah has had the sight of being able to see auras, which enables her to address certain areas  relaying to the individual's life and current situation.

This also entails her the ability to see illness/injury within the human body, both physically, mentally & spiritually.

She is able to guide, give advice and wisdom with practical application. 

The process of her reading starts with a Skype call, to which she will see the individual. It is at this moment that the information floods in, and she will then begin to automatic write,  translating the messages/information back to the individual as they come through. 





I just had a reading with the lovely Andulairah Of Earth and being my first reading EVER with any clairvoyant! I have been following her via her youtube for years since the beginning of her channel. I always felt she was a genuine spirit, and fascinating at the same time. As most, I was skeptical at first (regarding readings), but she is so genuine and real. She said many things, that left me with chills. She is a wonderful soul with a pure heart, she did not watch the clock or try to rush. It was definitely an experience I would do again! Thank you so much Andulairah!



Linah Tornieri

What an experience... I somewhat had an expectation in mind of how it was going to go, but oh my was my expectation far from the outcome. Andulairah is truly talented, she makes you feel comfortable - because of course your bound to be nervous when a stranger is tapping into your energy field and telling you about yourself- but with Andulairah it's like talking to a close friend who gives you beautiful insights into what's to come and what you need to do now. She's put my mind to rest, empowered me with her vivid and spot on Intuition, she has a loveable and truly special soul, I feel like I've been reborn with endless Inspiration in my path - Andulairah has put me back on my path and given me words of wisdom on how to walk it with confidence and not tumble off it again. It was truly magical and extremly accurate, i often found myself blown away and lost for words at her shocking accuracy. Everyone needs an Andulairah in their life, and I will undoubtly continue to have future readings with her!

Melissa Hopkins

Andulairah is so amazing in what she does she will guide you in ways you wouldn't imagine- such unbelievable soul she is- told me my past life; my family history, my auras and info on my spirit guides~ but most of all you can trust this lady with your soul's deepest issue. She'll will make you feel so amazing, upbeat, happy and reassured that yeu have someone to help you in your path.  Thank you andulairah you are such a wonderful lady xx


Theresa L. 


Andulairah is a genuine healer and person. She made me feel at ease just by listening to me and it was as if I was catching up with an old friend. Andulairah tuned into my energy and elaborated on everything I had been feeling worried about. From my relationships to others to my own personal relationship with myself. Andulairah told me about my aura, my energy fields, what she saw for me in the future, and was even able to pinpoint where a physical pain was coming from just by reading my aura. Andulairah is relaxed with her readings and makes you feel fully listened to and cared for. I will always appreciate the reading I had with her and would not hesitate to schedule another one. Thank you for everything, Andulairah. You are truly amazing at what you do. 

Amber H.


For those of you that may be somewhat skeptical of psychic abilities, I was vague in the question I had sent into Andulairah but she was able to give me details about the situation that I had never even told her of. She's the real deal, people!


I will say that I've kept up with Andulairah and her videos on YouTube for the past 6 years. Along my spiritual journey through life thus far I've come across many different souls and their truths but there is something very special about Andulairah to me. Many of the other people that I had been receiving guidance and spiritual information from before have fallen out of resonance with me in some way or another over the years but Andulairah has stayed in my heart as her message is the most simple yet profound thing that any human being could ever wish to accomplish in this life, and that is to follow one's own heart. Through her videos I can see that Andulairah is a truly authentic example of someone following their own heart. From traveling the world by train to getting inked in Asia and talking about gardening and natural living, Andulairah's spirit has never ceased to amaze me in its fearlessness and light. She is gentle yet a spiritual force to be reckoned with at the same time and she brings that into everything she does, including her readings. I'm a very shy person so it was only recently that I decided to get in touch with Andulairah about setting up an oracle card reading with her. As I was pondering who I should go to for a reading I realized that Andulairah was the person I resonated most with and truly felt like I could trust. At a very pivotal time in my life she validated all of my experiences thus far on my journey. Doubt and fear had started to creep in again and she shed light back onto it to transform it into confidence in myself and my path once again. She is truly an embodiment of an avatar, a bridge between the worlds, as she fully embraces both humanity's cosmic and Earthly origins. Thank you so much for everything you do, sweet Andulairah. The seeds of truth that you planted in my mind many years ago saved me and helped to pull me out of a very negative situation last year and has put me on the path to following my bliss once again. Much love, beautiful soul <3 :)