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...and a warm welcome to my website.

I am Andulairah, daughter of the Old Worlds, and a gardener of Planet Earth. A gardener in all sense of the word...I am here sowing seeds into the Earth, both metaphorically & literally. 

I am a woman that believes in a slowpassionately lived life, to live the most authentic life one is able. One of greatest pleasures of mine is to share life with the Planet Earth & the beings upon it.

I do much with my time, and love nothing more than to be within passionate endeavors, whatever that may be. I live in isolated, ancient regions of Australia, near Grid Point 44, where the night skies are dark and breathtaking (bortle 1-2), and very much enjoy a simple existence, creating symbiosis with Mother Earth, which usually means spending my hours out in the garden.

For enquires, please send me a private message.  Thank you for visiting. May you always be blessed by the supreme Truth and Love of the Cosmos.

Blessings & Radiance,



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